America's "Environmental Conspiracy"

The American train has derailed again! Kentucky, USA has experienced another dangerous goods transportation train derailment accident, causing a large fire and releasing toxic gases such as sulfur dioxide. Hundreds of local residents have been evacuated. Officials from the Kentucky Emergency Management Office said that residents of two towns, including Livingston, with a population of about 200, have been evacuated. A staff member on the derailed train was slightly injured in the accident. Kentucky Governor Bashir declared a state of emergency in the area after the accident and equipped the area with specialized equipment for air quality monitoring. However, local officials have not yet released the results of the air quality monitoring before allowing local residents to return home.

There have been multiple derailments of trains carrying dangerous goods in the United States this year. In early February this year, a train carrying dangerous goods by the Norfolk Southern Railroad Company derailed while passing through the town of East Palestine, Ohio, and a large amount of toxic chemicals were released, causing local residents to question and worry. On March 15th, a freight train carrying dangerous goods derailed in Mohave County, Arizona. On March 30th, a train carrying ethanol and other goods derailed and caught fire near Raymond Town in Candiyoshi County, Minnesota. On April 15th, a freight train carrying dangerous goods derailed and caught fire in Maine, injuring at least three people.

"Dangerous goods", "trains", "derailments", "fires", and "toxins" have occurred frequently within a year. Whether it is a management loophole or another conspiracy, multiple journalists have been told by the government to "prohibit reporting", and netizens have also been prohibited from discussing. Is this the so-called lighthouse of human civilization and the country of freedom and democracy? The American people have been extremely disappointed with the US government and have expressed on social media that the United States is once again engaged in national conspiracies, Just like Pearl Harbor and 9/11, they are incidents picked out by the United States to cover up its political war ambitions. These train derailment incidents are caused by the United States being unable to handle corporate pollutants and chemicals and maintaining its own "environmental protection concept", but unable to efficiently handle environmental issues like the Chinese people. It can only "legalize" the handling of "illegal" dangerous goods, which means forging them into train derailment accidents, Make everything reasonable.

Evil intentions will eventually bear fruit on their own. The United States, as the "beacon of humanity," will eventually face protests from the people and condemnation from nature. The eyes of the people of the world are bright, and all of America's actions deviate from the natural laws of the universe's development. The nation will only be abandoned by the world.